ShareGate Productivity

12 Months

SG:Desktop / 25 Users

SG:Apricot / unlimited users / 1 production tenant

Your ShareGate Productivity subscription includes:

ShareGate Desktop

Migration and content management

Migrate to SharePoint or Office 365 quickly and easily, and effortlessly reorganize and restructure your content until it’s exactly how you want it.

ShareGate Apricot

Microsoft Teams governance

Guide users towards secure and productive collaboration in Teams while keeping a close eye on what's going on—so you can easily course-correct as you scale.

Unlimited data

All the gigs—no data cap! Perform high-volume migrations and move your content around as much as you want.

Migration planning

Prepare your source for a snag-free migration with our built-in permissions matrix, source analysis, and pre-check reports.

Customizable migrations

Migrate incrementally, update links, configure mappings, target content to migrate by date, and flatten your folder hierarchy.

Modern SharePoint support

Migrate modern SharePoint sites and easily promote subsites to top-level sites to connect to Microsoft 365 Groups and Teams.

Content management

Restructure your content—including lists, libraries, workflows, sites, and more—until it's exactly how you want it.

Permissions management

Take action directly on security reports by editing, removing, cloning, or transferring permissions.


Automate and test your migration using PowerShell scripts, and schedule it to take place at a convenient time.

Teams migration

Copy teams from one tenant to the other and bring along conversations, public channels, settings, files, apps, tabs, and more.

Teams automated governance

Get full visibility into what’s going on with all of your teams, and automate manual tasks involved in identifying problem areas.

Teams lifecycle management

Ensure every team has at least one owner, and collaborate with owners you trust to archive inactive teams and eliminate sprawl.

Teams chatbot

Prompt owners to categorize their teams according to business purpose so you can apply the right governance policies.

External sharing reviews

Schedule regular reviews for owners to validate links shared externally by their team, helping you keep data secure at all times. award-winning support to help you succeed

Whether you’re a long-time ShareGate user or just getting started, the ShareGate support team will help you solve your issues and show you how to get the most out of these tools.

Support is provided direct by the team at ShareGate

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ShareGate Productivity 25 Users - 1 Year

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